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Skyline Greenhouses | Outdoor Geenhouse | Westbrook Greenhouse Systems

  • Ideal structure for Crops needing hardening off period, or those grown in late summer/fall seasons
  • Standard Widths 21', 24' (custom widths available)
  • Widespan Widths 31.5', 36', 42'
  • Roof Types Inflated Double Poly, Tempered Glass, 8mm Polycarbonate, 8mm Acrylic

The Skyline greenhouse is the ultimate in open air structures. Exposing your crops to outdoor conditions has never been safer or easier. This structure not only gives you the ability to put your crop outside within minutes, but it also functions as a fully sealed greenhouse all winter long.

The first to introduce the dual environment greenhouse to North America, Westbrook developed the Skyline in 1995. Today, the Skyline is available in a variety of roof claddings (see below). To be financially strategic, some growers choose to start with a double poly cladding and convert to a glass or other, harder cladding after a few years, as their business grows.

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