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Apex Greenhouses | Arch greenhouse | Westbrook Greenhouse Systems

  • Ideal structure for Vegetables, bedding plants, potted plants or cut flowers
  • Standard Widths 18', 21', 24' (custom widths available)
  • Widespan Width 36', 42', 48'
  • Roof Types Inflated Poly, Steel Siding, 8mm Polycarbonate

If condensation drip is your problem, Westbrook's Apex greenhouse is your solution. The Apex style greenhouse helps your bottom line by keeping condensation drip off of your crop, reducing disease and crop damage. It also increases light levels by reducing hanging water droplets on the poly.

Developed by Westbrook, the Apex’s combination peak/arch design, integrated drip channel/ camlock system, together with anti-condensate poly, all help to keep condensation out of the greenhouse. The slope of the roof line keeps the inside layer of poly wrinkle free and allows any condensation to be drained to the outside gutter.

The greenhouse is available in gutter-vented, peak-vented and fan-vented models and can also be fitted with other coverings such as steel siding and polycarbonate.

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